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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HM movie inside scoop scans/HMTM on the set/other!

Yay!I finally added the Inside scoop scans,I still have other 3 or more to do...Hopefully Emma will upload the new ones in our gallery cus i gave her permission to make her gallery blog :).
I also upload about 40 pics of Hannah Montana The Movie on the set...these are STRICTLY EXCLUSIVES BY MILEY CYRUS WORLD!!IF I SEE THEM ANYWHERE ELSE THEN U KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!
Last but not the least,I uploaded 4 PNG cut out images of the new photoshoot scans from HM movie books!Again,the scan credits would go to Emma but the cutting is done by me!

HMTM Inside Scoop
I just got my old laptop formatted,i'm rly sad!I'm in the process of saving and uploading new candids :)...Stick up here cus i am going to update!!

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