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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey everyone!Just a quick note that there will be a lot of updates today!2 new candids,a new magazine scan,new videos..etc..
I just wanted to let ya'll know how happy and excited i am for my new puppy,probably i will go to visit him today!
By the end of the day all the posts will be up!!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! On my blog, you have been chosen as a nominee for SOTM! The award will be chosen soon! There is a poll on my blog for people to vote for 4 different blogs for SOTM!

Rianna said...

Hey AWESOME site,luv it.
its soo cool.
i also hav a mIley site but its on hiatus,but here's the link do visit it-
& how did u got ur site??
email me


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