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Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Hour!!Thanks!!

Hi!!Its me,Ambika..I wanted to let all you guys know how happy i am for all the support ya'll have given me,Really appreciated :)...
I reached 2000 Megaupload points and redeemed a month of free premium memebership!Thanks to YOU guys for downloading files :)!
I'm also happy about the site of the month award we recieved..
I am going to put up Style/Hair/Make-up guides in the gallery - thanks to
And here's the best part -------------------> I'm adopting a little puppy in about 2-3 days and im soo happy!!I've wanted to have one..ever since..i was 5!!So it's a reall big thing for me..Plus..the pup is sooo cute and loves me so much :)
i MIGHT not be able to update as much as i do right now...But i'll surely try my best and keep the site 100% updated!
Hope ya'll have a great weekend...

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