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Friday, September 25, 2009

Some new changes.

Hey everyone...Im not being able to take out much time for posting,but i am really glas that gabby is covering up the backlog for me.
Well..a few changes :

  • This blog will have a new layout soon,which will be TEMPORARY.
  • The whole thing will be re-built.
  • I will be deleting all affiliates for once.and adding new ones.
  • There are going to be 3 partner sites,out of which 2 are booked.If you want you can apply for the 3rd one.
  • Max No.of affliates - With icons, is 25.I will not be adding a list.Atleast not now.Mail me if you want to apply.
  • All fanart is accepted in the gallery.
  • a new chatbox will be added.
  • only ONE sister site will be accepted.
  • Last but not the least - I will not handling ANY youtube account which would have Miley videos.Currently we will be having no account at youtube.and all videos by US will be uploaded to BLOGGER.COM


Please apply ASAP.




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