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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lack of updates -- Contest info

First off I'm very sorry for the lack of updates.I don't have internet so i have to use my brothers computer every morning when he's not here.
And I'm preparing a new layout,this site will be going through a major revamp with a new gallery layout and a new MC world layout here.

Secondly,I'm helding up a contest in which you can win really exclusive prizes.
If you've ever made a site then this is your chance.
As you all know I eagerly want to turn this blog into a site and get hosted [I'll pay for the domain].

So this is a contest on helping us make a site!
If you help us then you'll be rewarded with 2 exclusive Never before seen UNTAGGED Miley/Hannah Montana Pics!

Stuff you can do :
Install coppermine.
Help me getting hosted.
Code the layout I make.
Install cutenews.
And last but not the least,host it up on the domain that i give you.
The layout shall be ready in 3 days,and yes I am making it!

If you're interested then mail me at and i'll get back to you.
I'll make a post with the tagged pics very soon!So stay tuned!

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