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Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm back - 400th Post - Grand Opening of TheMileyTV!

Hey first off I am back!One week of awsome vacation!!My best birthday ever!
So i'll be making a lot of updates in the coming up week,I might post the download for Hannah Montana the Movie so stay tuned!
I'm preparing a new layout for the site which will feature hannah montana the movie!
miley things i bought -
Hannah Montana season 1
HMTM Movie Soundtrack

I found :
HMTM download [deleted]
HMTM scenes -- exclusive ending scene
HMTM videos!

I will be posting the soundtrack rip,scans of miles to go,scans of the movie cd book,and rips from the season 1 dvd pretty soon!

Grand opening of a new YouTube channel!
Miley Cyrus World finally has its own official YouTube channel!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Mark is helping out with this channel,and he's gonna be a part of it.There will be 3-4 people [inc me] sharing the account and updating it.
The account will be having latest Miley news,gossip,candids,media,pics,videos and much more!
So don't forget the Subscribe and send us a friend invitation!
More updates coming soon!

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