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Monday, March 9, 2009

Site stuff/Butterfly fly away...

I added screencaps of the short clip of Butterfly fly away's video from Hannah Montana the movie surfers...

Please credit me,Ambika if used anywhere else :)!
I chose 3 elite affiliates for now....its not sure if i'd have the 4th site as elite or not (Miley Cyrus Media).
So now i am making the pics and going to host them up,so please wait - (message to the elite affs)...
To my surprise,all the 4 Elites are Miley fansite!!Wohoo!Yay!
In other stuff,I havent been able to get Miles to go till now :( its a very sad news!
I hope i can get it soon so i will put up my own scans for you guys :D
And..I haven't been updating candids too much these days....I have a technical problem in this laptop that doesnt let me visit many sites..Im happy i can blog tho :)...
Hopefully i'll be getting a new laptop in a day or two! *Screams!!*
So there are a lot of updates coming up..Lets hope so!

Coweb - Hey everyone,I got a new Coweb!Its Anne!I hope she helps me with Candids and more gallery work!
And just a quick note to tell everyone that i am currently working on Screencaps of The climb..
Its gonna be SHQ..and Anne is currently working on HD screencaps of the Movie's trailer!

I hope everything will be up soon!!
Ps - I know i have been talking a lot but i think I am going to put up a request CBOX at the gallery so you people can request any photoshoot/style guide/HM pics you want!

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