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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New surprise Layout!!

Yay!We have a new layout!!I wasn't even ready for this one,when i checked my mail i saw that Cassie had made the banner because she got bored..and i was like "wow" and i had done the pattern in blue quite sometime ago when i was getting bored...

I rllly love it!In a week or 2 we'll have ANOTHER new layout -- ordered from jenna - limelight designs.............

Hope everyone loves the new layout!

PS - Now i am going to accept Elites or regular affiliates,so mail me if u wanna be one!


Samir said...

keep this one! i like it

Anonymous said...

hi ambika
where is your youtube account??
give me your email id so that i can contact you.........a yahoo one pls

Joël Boosman said...

I like it also!!!!!

hira majeed said...

cool layout. lekin mujhe yakeen nahi a raha k tum ne meri site ko apne blog se remove ker diya hai. lekin kyun????


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