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Sunday, March 15, 2009

New episode stills/Tv guide scan/others

First off I would like to thank Samir for covering up for me and posting Miley sessions..I was going to post it but couldn't get time!Thankyou so much Samir!
I am going to be editing this post throughout the day rather than creating new posts!

one great news for today is -- Cassie made us a wonderful new banner and soon im gonna be having a new layout here!
But I need to change the background pattern into red,so if you have Photoshop or any other software then PLEASE mail me!!Im in need of some urgent help!!
I added 2 new episode stills to the gallery and a tv guide scan yesterday..but had no time to update!
Anyway here's the description of the episodes!

Knock Knock Knockin’ On Jackson’s Head~ Promos: Rico’s (Arias) competitive cousin Angus is in town from Australia so Rico asks Lilly (Osment) to pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for math lessons. Lilly reluctantly agrees but discovers that Angus’s so-called girlfriend also has an agenda. Meanwhile, Jackson (Jason Earles) suffers a temporary memory loss and Miley dupes him into thinking he worships her.
“Knock Knock Knockin’ On Jackson’s Head” airs Sunday, March 22 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

You give lunch a bad name~ Promos : Mamaw (Lawrence) keeps an eye out when Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus) heads off to his high school reunion. Things get worse when Mamaw steps in for the school cafeteria lady and runs the place with an iron fist, soon alienating the entire student body. Anxious to get rid of Mamaw but not wanting to hurt her feelings, Miley (Miley Cyrus) and Jackson (Earles) hatch a plan that includes a visit from a fake “health inspector” — Jackson.
“You Give Lunch A Bad Name” airs Sunday, March 29 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

And OMG Nelly made me a selenasite..its soo should be up next week!
And for those who think Selena-Mania aka selena gomez world is my blog...well ITS NOT.ITS SOME IDIOT WHO IS COPYING ME!
I am going to add the Going home and Hannah Montana the movie storybook scans today in the gallery,I don't know if i will be able to take out time to make an update here or keep checking out the gallery whenever you can,because sometimes its not possible for me to update on here right away!
--New candids are currently being posted in the gallery and later i will edit this post with the links!
Oh and i added Cassie's blog as an elite :)..
Check back soon for more updates.

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