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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I added some fanart made by Anne (our co-web) to the gallery.These are free to use but only if you credit us :)!Please DO NOT use them on any other site..these are only meant for personal use...ex yahoo,msn,youtube etc.Just a quick note saying i revamped my other site of Shararat..Click here to visit it..[only applies for people who know hindi/indians!]
--Must credit Anne & Miley Cyrus World.
Want to submit any of your fanart?Mail me at
Note : I want to know how many of you want the Chatbox back..Reply with your answer in the comments section or mail me!
PS - I made a poll on how many of you guys want us to get hosted,if i get a lot of positive replies then i'll ask my friends to help or simply ask my sweet bro!Hehe!

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