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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New gallery layout/3 new photoshoots/other

Nothing much to update today..I'm tired after the hard day i had and I'll add the other photoshoots tomorrow along with new candids :).
We have a new layout at the gallery!!
I also added a new page of Past layouts of the gallery,It will be updated whenever we have a new layout :)!
I added a top affiliate - Mileygirl.
And i am thinking of keeping a Site of the month award..Please comment back saying if i should or not :/!

Here are the new Photoshoots!

And a really cute Photoshoot that miley did with balloons :)

Thanks to Nelly!
Please vote on the gallery poll and tell us what you think of the new layout!
I'll try to update the other photoshoots,HM movie promo pics and a few candids as soon as i can!
Edit : First of all I want to thank all you guys for 1,00,000 hits!!I'm so happy!!
Secondly,I removed the navbar on top and added a search bar on the side :)..And i added a recent post's widget!Hope ya'll like it!
Thankyou so much guys!!

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