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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hannah Montana 3 Upcoming episodes - Megapost!!

I added a bunch of pics to the gallery for the 2 new episodes that will air in march.
And here's the description & schedule for the full month of March!!

Welcome to the Bungle - March 1st - Promos
When Hannah Montana guests on the “Mack and Mickey” show, her casual comment about disliking carrots causes her fans to stop eating them. So Hannah goes back on the show to make amends, but lets it slip that she prefers watching movies over reading books. Hannah discovers she must balance being a good role model with staying true to herself. Meanwhile, Jackson and Oliver are approached to model for a brochure on meeting handsome guys. They jump at the chance, but find out later they were photographed as the type to avoid.
Papa’s Got a Brand New Friend - March 8th - Promos
Hannah and her dancers are desperate to find a replacement for their usual choreographer, Tina, after she injures herself. Hannah and Robby finally decide to hire the abrasive yet qualified Shawn Nahnah. But when the sessions begin, Hannah wants to fire him only to discover that he’s become Robby’s friend. Meanwhile, Oliver is tired of being bossed around by his girlfriend, Joannie, but is too scared to break up with her. So on Jackson’s advice, Oliver pretends to have new strange habits so Joannie will break up with him first.
Cheat It - March 15th
As a publicity stunt, Hannah pretends to be the girlfriend of fellow celebrity Austin Rain when, in reality, they can’t stand each other. Then she learns Jackson is planning to cheat on a test and in order to point out what he’s doing is wrong; she must first come clean about Hannah and Austin Rain’s white lie. Meanwhile, Robby is tricked into buying the SeƱor Steam and, much to his dismay, learns Rico’s family owns the company and in order to get a discount, he must do business with Rico himself.
Knock Knock Knockin’ on Jackson’s Head - March 22nd
When Jackson has a temporary memory loss, Miley dupes him into thinking he worships her. Although she relishes the attention at first, she realizes just how much she misses the playful sparring between them. Meanwhile, Rico’s competitive cousin, Angus, is in town from Australia so Rico asks Lilly to pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for math lessons. Lilly reluctantly agrees but discovers that Angus’ so-called girlfriend also has an agenda.
You Give Lunch a Bad Name - March 29th
Vicki Lawrence (“The Carol Burnett Show”) guest stars as Miley and Jackson’s Mamaw, who returns to keep an eye out when Robby heads off to his high school reunion. Things get worse when Mamaw steps in for the school cafeteria lady and runs the place with an iron fist, soon alienating the entire student body. Anxious to get rid of Mamaw but not wanting to hurt her feelings, Miley and Jackson hatch a plan that includes a visit from the “health inspector.”

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