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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Always Find your way back home full song HQ (raw) coming soon

Hey guys,its me,Ambika and I have some great news for everyone..!!
I used some raw clips of Always find your way back home song and combined them..I made a raw song and *honestly* It sounds REALLY GOOD!!I've been listening to my work for an hour and it sounds almost like studio version except that i couldnt get the 2nd paragh of the song because its not available..!!
Anyways so Just tell everyone!I am not SO keen on putting it up on youtube but I can give my (homemade) song to whoever asks for it..Just mail me at and i'll send it to you!!
But if you REALLY want me to post it on HERE then I'll have to do a personal blogger video thing so people can't copy it too easy!!
But really guys I've put in A LOT of effort and i think it pretty much payed off :D
If you want to hear my raw song then mail me ASAP!!
Comment if you want it here..!!Or email if you want it personally!


Anonymous said...

I have heard the full song and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe she would write the best song ever. My Great grandma died and this song helped me a lot to get through it- Please post my comment I am only 10 and love HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where did you hear it i heard a clip and love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait until ur NEW movie Hannah Montana the MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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